Tennis League

                                                              A league for everyone beginners – advance

                                                                  Leagues as follows:  
                                              Adult singles; Ladies singles; Ladies Doubles;
                                                            Men’s Doubles & Mixed Doubles

                                        More details Contact: Rudolph Benjamin, Tennis Coach  
                                                                  Mobile: 07931 835 294                        

                           Matches played at Hampstead Heath or at another venue all Players agreeing


                                   Please fill out form and make payment online ask for details otherwise
                                              Complete the form and return to Rudolph Benjamin,

                                                                  58 Palmerston Road,  
                                                          Walthamstow, London E17 6PG

League Entered:
First Name:          Title                                                           Surname:
Standard (choose from the following underline or circle)
Beginner; Beginner/Improver; Intermediate; Intermediate/Advance; Advance
Partners Name:                                                 
A league = six to seven weeks – Two rounds of league throughout the summer.

Entry £20 for two leagues starts 11th April ends July 17th £             paid   (closing date 1st April)

                                   You can register and pay online ask for details


       Rules and General Information

                                                                   Thank you for joining the tennis league 

     The main objective is to get you out playing tennis, having fun and meeting new people to play tennis with.

1)  A league will consist of 4 to 6 entrance, complete as many matches as possible within the six or seven weeks.
2)  There will be a one week interval after a league has finished before the next one starts.
3)  It is the responsibility of all players to contact each other to organise matches, court cost shared.
4)  It will be the responsibility of the winner to send in the result of the match by email.
5)  You will be given contact details of the people in your respective league.
6)  There is a league for everyone from beginners to advance.
7)  The league will consist of: Adult singles; Ladies singles; Ladies doubles; Mixed doubles & Men’s doubles
8)  Each match will be the first too 8 games i.e. 8-0; 8-1; 8-4; 8-7. No tie-break at 7-7
9)  Every game counts, extra points for winning your match. Rudolph’s system will finalise finishing position league 
10)  Results and finishing positions can be seen on
11)  If the match is unfinished, send the score in and I will work it out pro-rata.
12)  Matches cancelled or postponed other players need to be notified.
13)  A player can refuse to play if they think the courts are a health & safety risk. 
14)  You may give your opponent a walk over if you’re unable to play your matches.
15)  If you are unable to play your matches, you would have lost the match 8-0
16)  A league may be extended in exceptional circumstances.
17)  If you win a league easily you may move up more than one league.
18)  The person at the top of a league will move up and the bottom person will move down a league.
19)  Matches to be played at Parliament Hill, Highgate road, or at another venue by agreement of all players.
20)  League rules may change in special circumstances.
21) Junior ladder, singles only, one list, you can challenge up to three places above you, positions change every            three weeks. Name, address, contact details

21)  Enjoy your matches and have fun.  Rudolph